The West Bromwich Branch of the Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ, originated in the garage of one of its earliest members, Evangelist Rose Webber, in the early 1970’s.  As the church grew, like the children of Israel, we were forced to move from one temporary place of worship to another.  These included Lodge Estate School Hall, Swann Village Methodist Church and Kelvin Way.  The church was compelled to leave Kelvin Way to enable work on the Convention Centre to commence. Our next temporary place of worship was Greets Green Methodist Church.


The quest to find a permanent place of worship was a long and arduous one.  Evangelist Coronet Landell spotted this church for sale on her way back from Merry Hill to Wolverhampton.  She had been forced to deviate from her normal route due to traffic and in doing so she saw the church up for sale.


Although it was a big decision to move from West Bromwich to Tipton, we finally signed the deeds and became the grateful owners of Mount Horeb Church on 30th November 2000.  There was still much work to be done before the first worship service could be held in February 2001.

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