The Vision

Our Objective Is To...

  • Support the young in schools and the sick in hospitals, offering services to care homes and other such areas as we are able.

  • Enhance our homeless/needs Ministry…establishing or supporting other food banks or soup kitchens in our area.

  • We will continue to pray specifically for our spiritual leaders and those in authority in our community and City and country .  

  • Supporting or working in collaboration with other churches in the community on specific  projects that will change lives for the better. 

"We need to make the difference by being the difference."

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

To effectively deliver on our vision we will require:

  • Committed Officers and workers, who are passionate about impacting our community through our vision and mission.

  • Preparation of various training opportunities in house and external to ensure we are equipped and fit for purpose.

  • Promotion through various means including a church website, and any other social media avenues.

  • Introduction of essential and necessary training for our youth to help them become the influencer rather than being influenced by their friends, we want to turn peer pressure into peer power.  Meaning our young people become the leaders and lead others to Christ.

  • Keeping in touch with our young people who are studying at universities away from home through emails, texts, phone calls visits and from time to time sending some financial support.